The Aquatic Sports Epicentre

Yarrawonga and its sister city Mulwala, are nestled on the southern side of the Yarrawonga weir, 3 3/4hrs drive NNE of Melbourne. The weir raises the level of the might Murray, creating the beautiful and expansive Lake Mulwala, which is a very popular fishing, skiing, and boat cruising destination.

Yarrawonga is noted for its sunshine, and is a popular holiday destination, especially with a high class 45-hole golf course that attracts golfers from near and far away. There is a wide range of Accommodation available to suit families, romantic getaways for couples, tour groups,  or for singles looking to escape and unwind.

Yarrawonga - Lake Mulwala

If you enjoy life by the water, you’ll love Yarrawonga.

There is so much to see and do in Yarrawonga, you can take strolling along river beaches and walking tracks, take a winery tour to sample the local wines, sample local produce in the cafes and restaurants, and the kids will have hours of fun visiting the animal farm, amusement park, museum, and so much more…



Yarrawonga Mulwala
Visitor Information Centre

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