Where Does The Murray River Start

Snowy River Legend

The Upper Murray River lies is a relatively remote area, due to the ruggedness of the mountainous terrain. It is also an area famous for high quality cattle, and where the legend of the stockman, “Man from Snowy River” , was made famous via written poem, song & movie.

Murray River

Australia’s greatest engineering success also occurred in the region, with the Snowy River Hydro Electric Scheme, where a vast civil project was undertaken between 1949-1974, to harness this great natural water flow from the mountains to make hydro-electricity, and direct water flow for irrigation farming.


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  1. What a fantastic read Cade – there are about 3 articles for the price of 1 here!
    You had me as soon as I saw the first image of the snowy mountains. We ski there most years and have also hiked there in the summer months. It’s a magic place – and only 6 hours drive from Sydney.

    • Hi Jan,
      Glad you liked the article.
      Your right, the Upper Murray River & Snowy Mountain region is a magical place to visit.
      Theres lots to see and do.


  2. Very comprehensive info. There is obviously much to see via The Murray River. Loved the pics too!

    Stay well, Eileen.

    • Hi Eileen,
      Glad you like the pics.
      They do more justice to the region than a million words could ever do.


  3. G’day Cade,
    As Jan says, 3 articles in one. Photos are magic – maybe the clear air up high makes all the difference. I really like the shot of Lake Jindabyne which looks perfect for seaplanes if the density altitude is not too high.

  4. I never knew the Murray River started in the high country. The water up there would be pristine, love your photos, beautiful.

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