Where Does The Murray River Start

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Visiting the Upper Murray River Region

While visiting Upper Murray River region, you can experience and appreciate the vast landscapes that gives life to Australia’s greatest river system. Starting from the very beginning of the Murray River in the Snowy Mountains, and heading downstream towards Albury, there are some great places to stay and visit, while enjoying what the area has to offer.

In this section, I want to expand on the question of “Where Does the Murray River Start“, to include what the landscape looks like, special places to visit, what are the popular activities enjoyed in the Upper Murray River region. I even want to cover some neat places to stay while exploring the natural wonders of the area.

Mt Kosciusko National Park

The Kosciusko National Park is set high up in the Great Dividing Range in NSW, occupying over 690,000 hectares.

The landscapes of the park features steep forest covered ridges, that recede into crystal clear streams, and bare granite outcrops, where you can just sit and stare at the jaw-dropping view that can extend many kilometers into the distance. The jewel in this national parks crown would have to be Mt. Kosciusko itself,  which is Australia’s highest mountain, at 2230 metres high.

Visitors travel from all parts of the world to enjoy what this great National Park has to offer, including hiking, abseiling, skiing, horse riding, white-water rafting, camping, and cycling.

To get the most of your visit to the area, make sure you checkout the most popular Kosciusko National Park lookouts, you won’t be disappointed.

Sentinnel Walk

(photo courtesy of www.snowymountains.com.au)

When travelling through the Kosciusko National Park, you are required to buy a daily permit whether you are just traveling through, or are on an extended stay. Short-term Permits are available at the following places:

  • National Park Information office in Khancoban 
  • The National Park Entrance Station on the Alpine Way 13km before Thredbo
  • Snowy Region Visitors Centre in Jindabyne
  • Thredbo Office, Nuggets Crossing in Jindabyne (winter only)
  • Thredbo Information Centre, Thredbo
  • Thredbo Sports, Valley Terminal, Thredbo

or alternatively an annual pass can be also be purchased.


The Thredbo township and ski resort is nestled in the Snowy Mountains, situated 22 kms inside the NSW/Victoria border, in the Kosciusko National Park.

The Thredbo Resort is arguably Australia’s premier ski resort, with over 50 ski runs and 14 lifts, and boasts some of the longest runs in the country. In summer, Thredbo is also a hiking and summer sport hotspot, and is an ideal place to stay while exploring the Upper Murray River and Snowy Mountains region.

Thredbo was modelled on a European skiing village, and boast an extensive array of services, shops, and luxury and budget accommodation.  

=>Accommodation in Thredbo, Australia



The picturesque town of Jindabyne, is known as the northern gateway to the Snowy Mountain ski fields, and is one of the highest townships in Australia.

With jaw dropping views of Lake Jindabyne and surrounding mountains, no holiday to the Snowy Mountains would be complete without enjoying what the township of Jindabyne has to offer. Nestled on the southern side of the lake, which is half the size of Sydney Harbour, the views of Lake Jindabyne is only trumped by the mountains that surround it.

The township is very popular with snow skiing adventurist in the winter, due to its proximity to the ski resorts, only 30 minutes away. During the summer months, Jindabyne is also a popular destination for camping, hiking, boating, water-skiing, fishing, abseiling or horse riding.

There is a great range of accommodation options available, whether its luxury resorts or budget apartments, and the town is also equipped with an airport.

Accommodation in Jindabyne, Australia

Lake Jindabyne

Perisher Valley

Located high up in the Snowy Mountains, Perisher is Australia’s largest ski resort, and for that matter the southern hemisphere. This ski resort consists of 4 villages, in the Perisher Valley, Smiggin Hole, Guthega and Blue Cow, covering 12 sq. Kms with 49 lifts. Another ski resort village is also just the road, in Charlotte Pass.

Only a short distance from Thredbo, Perisher is also a great summer destination to base your holiday exploring the Snowy Mountains and Upper Murray River regions.

Accommodation in Perisher Valley, Australia

Perisher Valley


Khancoban is a favored launching place to travel into Snowy Mountains, and explore the upper reaches of the Murray River. It’s also a popular place for abseiling, trout fishing, boating, and golf at the 9 hole Country Club.

Situated on the western slopes of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Khancoban has a rich history with the Snowy Hydro-Electric Scheme, overlooking to the scenic Khancoban Lake, and is nearby to the Murray 1 Hydro-Electric Power Station and visitor centre.

As mentioned above Khancoban is an ideal spot to get your permit to travel through the Kosciusko National Park.


Corryong is a small Victorian town, near the upper reaches or the Murray River. The town has a population of around 1200, and is a popular destination during “The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival”, held in April.

Corryong is also a thrill seekers paradise, with many adventurous activities on offer such as rock climbing, horse riding, hiking, rafting, kayaking, fishing, cycling, and 4WD tours. Corryong is also a short drive to Burroa-Pine Mountain National Park and the Alpine National Park, which are both well worth the trip with some breathe-taking scenery.

The Murray River is still relatively narrow and offers some great fly fishing in the rapids for trout and the odd murray cod if you’re lucky.

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  1. What a fantastic read Cade – there are about 3 articles for the price of 1 here!
    You had me as soon as I saw the first image of the snowy mountains. We ski there most years and have also hiked there in the summer months. It’s a magic place – and only 6 hours drive from Sydney.

    • Hi Jan,
      Glad you liked the article.
      Your right, the Upper Murray River & Snowy Mountain region is a magical place to visit.
      Theres lots to see and do.


  2. Very comprehensive info. There is obviously much to see via The Murray River. Loved the pics too!

    Stay well, Eileen.

    • Hi Eileen,
      Glad you like the pics.
      They do more justice to the region than a million words could ever do.


  3. G’day Cade,
    As Jan says, 3 articles in one. Photos are magic – maybe the clear air up high makes all the difference. I really like the shot of Lake Jindabyne which looks perfect for seaplanes if the density altitude is not too high.

  4. I never knew the Murray River started in the high country. The water up there would be pristine, love your photos, beautiful.

  5. Richard BACH says

    Hi I’d like to get to the head of the Murray River. Is it in a National Park or private property?. Is there vehicle access to within 10 kms of its head? I note on Google maps there is a trail not far from the head. Can vehicles access it? Regards Richard

  6. Greg Kilmartin says

    I grew up on a farm on the Corryong Creek ( feeds into the Murray River ), between Corryong and Towong in the 1950/60′ when the Snowy Mountains Scheme was in full swing. At that time it was considered that the Murray river started at the Bringenbrong Bridge, where the Swampy Plains and Indi rivers merged. This is approx 10k’s North West of Khancoban. I guess over the years people have wanted to make the Murray River longer, and have changed one of the goalposts.

  7. Geoffrey watson says

    Hi Cade,
    I would like to do a long service leave trip along the entire length for about 6 weeks

    Could you suggest a good starting point and an itinerary if possible please

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